Questions and General Information If you have any questions about anything on the website, please contact Customer Service at Natty Dread Rocks. We welcome your questions, comments and feedback. Your satisfaction with your purchase is our primary goal.


Lengths and sizes are given under product information. Customers are asked to take these lengths into consideration when placing an order. Contact customer service if additional information is required to help determine the scale of a piece.


While we try to accurately represent color in our photographs, this is not always possible, especially for the accurate representation of turquoise and blue. The color of the actual item may vary from the photograph, so please contact us if exact color match is critical.
Forms of Payment All major credit cards accepted.
Checks and money orders are accepted. Orders paid for by checks will ship once the check has cleared. Contact customer service to make a purchase using a check or money order.
Shipping Free standard shipping for all orders over $125.
Items will not be shipped to P.O. boxes

One ship-to address per order. If items are to be shipped to different locations, please place separate orders.

In-stock items are usually shipped within 2 working days of processing of order. Shipping lead times on adjusted items will vary depending on the nature of the adjustment and the availability of materials. Estimated lead times will be given. Shipping lead times on custom items will also vary depending on the item ordered.
Items Damaged During Shipping Please notify Customer Service at Natty Dread Rocks immediately, if you receive an order that has been damaged during shipping.
Return Policy Returns on in-stock items are accepted within 10 days of receipt of the item. A return authorization number must be included with the returned item. Please contact customer service and obtain the return authorization number prior to packaging the item. Returns must be in unused condition, with intact sales tag attached, in original packaging, and accompanied by receipt and return authorization number.

Customer will be issued a full refund, less shipping costs. In the event that the return is due to an error by Natty Dread Rocks, shipping charges will be refunded.

Returns on adjusted items will be accepted per the terms of in-stock items, with the addition of a 10% adjustment/restocking fee. Costs for simple adjustments as listed under "adjustments" are not applied to purchases, only to returned items, as they may have to be readjusted for resale.

Returns on custom made items will be considered on an individual basis (within 10 days of delivery of item). Credit for approved return of a custom made item will be in the form of a store credit or gift certificate, minus shipping costs. Some custom items will be subject to a 10% restocking fee, but this will be stated in the Custom Order agreement approved by the client before any work is done. (Please see separate section re. terms for custom made items).

Shipping Returned items: Please notify Customer Service at Natty Dread Rocks when returning an item. Items are to be returned by a reliable carrier that offers tracking and insurance.
Jewelry Repairs and Adjustments Jewelry repairs: Care must be taken with the handling of jewelry with natural stone and other components. For this reason it is best to put jewelry on when standing on a carpeted surface, and to make sure that the clasp is securely fastened before letting go of a necklace. In the event that a piece is dropped onto a hard surface and sustains damage, contact customer service at Natty Dread Rocks for a repair estimate. Please note that due to the one-of-a-kind nature of many of the designs, that exact replacement of stones and components may not be possible, but every effort will be made to retain the original character of the piece.

Adjustments: There are two kinds of adjustments. Simple adjustments do not incur additional cost, unless the item is returned, at which time a 10% restocking fee is assessed. More complicated and/or costly adjustments are priced per item, and based on the cost of the materials required for adjustment, and are subject to a 10- 15% restocking fee. In some cases, adjustments may not be feasible, depending on the availability of product, or the design of the item.

Earring adjustments:

  • Earring components in Base Metal Gold and Base Metal Silver, may be switched out from pierced (standard) ear wires to clip-ons, for no additional charge.
  • Switching to clip-ons in Copper, Antique Copper, Gunmetal, Antique Brass, Gold Filled or plated, or Sterling Silver will be priced based on the cost of the materials, and lead times for delivery will be assigned based on the availability of these items, as they are not usually kept in stock.
  • If the design permits, earrings may be shortened for no additional charge.

Necklace and Bracelet adjustments:

  • Necklaces and bracelets with a toggle clasp are fixed length items. Items with a toggle clasp may be shortened, or depending on the availability of components, lengthened slightly. Contact customer service if you wish to adjust the length of an item. Reducing the length of an item will not result in additional cost. Lengthening a necklace by less than 2" may or may not result in additional cost, depending on the design of the necklace and the cost of the components.
  • Changing a toggle clasp necklace or bracelet to a Lobster Claw and Chain Clasp (which allows for the length to be adjusted) will result in an additional cost which will vary depending upon the metal used in the necklace or bracelet, and must be calculated on an individual basis.
Custom Items We accept custom orders. In-stock items or sold items may be used for ideas. We do not duplicate the work of other jewelry designers, but are open to other ideas and concepts. Due to the varied nature of custom designs and the availability and cost of materials, each request is evaluated and priced individually. Please contact Customer Service with enquiries about custom items.

Depending on the nature of the custom item, a deposit may or may not be required. Photographs of the item will be provided for customer approval, either during the design process or just prior to shipping, depending on the complexity of the item.

Returns on custom made items will be considered on an individual basis (within 10 days of delivery of item). Credit for approved return of a custom made item will be in the form of a store credit or gift certificate, minus shipping costs. Some custom items will be subject to a 10% restocking fee, but this will be stated in the Custom Order agreement approved by the client before any work is done.

Jewelry Care Your jewelry will last longer if you love and take care of it.
  • Perfumes, hair spray etc. should be applied before you put your jewelry on.
  • Store jewelry out of the sun. Some natural stones may fade in sunlight.
  • FYI: Some natural stones darken with age and exposure to body oils. Even with proper care, some natural stones may develop slight chips or cleavage.
  • When putting your jewelry on, always make sure that necklace clasps are fastened securely before you let go of the necklace. If possible, stand on a carpeted surface, not a hard surface when putting on fragile jewelry.
  • Do not shower, swim or take a bath while wearing your jewelry. If your jewelry gets wet accidentally, dry it off.
  • Do not expose jewelry to household chemicals.
  • Dripping wet hair can over time compromise some metal finishes.
  • On rare occasions, prolonged exposure to sweat and body oils might cause some dyed stones to release some of their color.
  • When traveling, pack jewelry so that pieces do not rub against each other. Some materials are harder than others and may scratch them. Be particularly careful with pearls, mother of pearl, some shell pieces.
  • Always store your jewelry appropriately. Jewelry may be hung, but storing pieces flat works well. Avoid entangling your pieces of jewelry, especially those pieces with fine chain. Anti-tarnish bags are good for storing silver pieces.
  • Sterling or pure silver should be cleaned with a soft jewelry polishing cloth. Dipping is not recommended.
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